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ajsn2a2It’s All In How You See Him

by Jackie Rowe

Attempting to keep up with John Schneider is like chasing the wind; A wind that blows him all over the entertainment map. The many talents of John Schneider prevents him from being classified into any one category of the entertainment industry. He is like one of those amazing colors that changes depending on how you view him.

To a vast following of die-hard “Dukes Of Hazzard” fans, he is, and always will be “Bo Duke.” In another light he is “Superman’s Dad” of “Smallville” fame. Other TV shows include “Twenty Six Miles” which was chosen to be featured at the 2010 Beverly Hills Film Festival and a role in “Desperate Housewives.” He even popped up as a guest on CMT’s “Working Class” as Melissa Peterman’s ex.

To the movie crowd, he is an iconic actor of the big screen. In 2009 he took top honors as Best Actor in “The Gods of Circumstance” at the British Film Festival where he was compared to John Wayne, Henry Fonda and Jimmy Stewart. IMDb lists almost one-hundred acting credits spanning three decades. There are also numerous producing, directing and writing credits; Last year he did a one hour special which aired on Spike TV called “Crash Test.” He is currently on board with James Best in the filming of “Return Of The Killer Shrews”, a remake of the 1959 cult classic “Killer Shrews.” He is also busy promoting his new movie, “Doonby” out sometime in 2011. In a post on the Huffington Post blog, he described “Doonby” as “… a film that’s been described by the producers as Crazy Heart-meets-It’s A Wonderful Life, but I call it It’s A Wonderful Life without the Wonderful.”

We’re not finished yet, because still another facet of John Schneider is his music. A while back on the Huckabee Show, he humbly understated this by simply describing himself as a singer who can act. This is where another entirely different fan base is concentrated. In the eighties he burned up the country charts with hits like “You’re The Last Thing I Needed Tonight”, “I’ve Been Around Enough To Know”, “What’s A Memory Like You (Doing In A Love Like This)” and “Country Girls”, all topping Billboard charts. Thus he established himself as one of the greatest voices in country music, a fact that no one would challenge.

Although John Schneider may appear to be absent from the music scene today, he really isn’t that far off. He remains close to the country music community and keeps fans informed on his official website, His current project on CMT, “Trick My What?” as well as “The Dukes Of Hazzard” reruns also on CMT, is a reminder to them that he has never really been absent. Late last year he hinted that he may be toying with the idea of revisiting country music with the making of the video called “The Promise”, a song written by Phil Redrow. The respect he has won all across the entertainment industry guarantees the welcome mat is always in place.

These are only some of the highlights of John Schneider’s luminous career. Even though you may find him anywhere, doing anything at any given time, he is not spreading himself too thin because he has achieved every single thing he has set his mind to in a very large way. One lifetime simply isn’t large enough.

John Schneider learns the ins and outs of some of the toughest jobs in America; then transforms the rusted, busted vehicles of hardworking blue-collar heroes into the pride of their industries when CMT debuts TRICK MY WHAT? on Friday, October 7 at 10:00-11:00 p.m. ET/PT. In each of the nine hour-long episodes, Schneider works shoulder-to-shoulder alongside hardworking men and women as they keep their businesses afloat and put food on the table. In exchange, Schneider and the guys from the Lone Star Speed Shop in Richmond, Texas, will trick out the workers’ larger-than-life machines. See Trick My What? at

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Trick My What? Photo by Mark DeLong / Provided by CMT

Doonby Photo Provided by Media


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