so much MOORE media Celebrates 25th Year

Boutique Firm Sets Standard Of Excellence For Indie PR Agencies

“One of the best things for any artist’s career is to have “Skates” on the case. Martha has helped redefine what it means to be an outstanding artist advocate.” — David M. Ross,HitShop VP, Marketing

Martha E. Moore is celebrating her 25th year as head of her independent, boutique public relations firm, so much MOORE media.

Moore opened the doors of so much MOORE media in November 1988, and it’s a name that Jo Walker-Meador (former Executive Director, CMA) believes fits her perfectly.  Meador reflects, “I watched Martha fine tune her knowledge of both national and international press as she established her own company.  It is apparent that Martha has always gone above and beyond in applying her knowledge and expertise for her clients.”

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Expanding Listener Base Drives the Global Internet Radio Market, According to New Report by Global Industry Analysts, Inc.

GIA announces the release of a comprehensive global report on Internet Radio markets. Advertising revenues in the global Internet Radio market are projected to reach US$1.2 billion by 2018, driven by rising sales of connected home audio devices, Internet-enabled mobile devices, and in-vehicle entertainment systems.

Radio is one of the few media platforms that remains relevant even today supported by improvement in quality of programming and technological innovations that have ensured its availability over newer platforms. Traditional radio service providers have effectively leveraged these technological advancements and the expanding global Internet network to provide audio broadcasting services to a wider group of users from stations across the globe. With Internet radio, users have the benefit of tuning in to their favorite radio stations through their computers, portable wireless devices, or other dedicated Internet radio devices from any location. Internet-enabled digital portable devices and in-vehicle entertainment systems are expected to drive growth in the Internet Radio market. In particular, the explosive sales of Internet-connected devices such as smartphones, automotive entertainment systems, tablet PCs, and computers, among others, enable users to search for and access music and other types of content. Continue reading


Donation Brings CMA’s Total Financial Support of Music Education in Metro Nashville Public Schools to More Than $6.5 Million; Total for the Keep the Music Playing Program Tops $7.6 Million Since 2006

The CMA Foundation donated $1.2 million to benefit music education programs for Nashville’s 81,000 public school students from 2012 CMA Music Festival through the Keep the Music Playing campaign at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center Tuesday night.

The announcement raises CMA’s Keep the Music Playing support of music education in Metro Schools from $5.3 million to more than $6.5 million. This money has been used to build music labs and purchase instruments and supplies for ALL 144 Metro Nashville Public Schools through a partnership with the Nashville Public Education Foundation. Continue reading