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Start a Brand: How to Find the Best Match of Artist and Visual Icon

By Crystal Caviness © 2011 CMA Close Up® News Service / Country Music Association®, Inc. Gone are the days of taking unknown talents and stuffing them into prefabricated models chosen simply because they worked well for somebody else. Today’s consumers are savvy enough to recognize a generic image when they see it. Instead, authenticity is the the nom de jour. “It’s not manipulative, it’s purposeful,” said Nancy Tunick, Managing Partner and Co-Owner, GrassRoots Promotion in Nashville, who stresses the primary goal of imaging is to make a connection between the artist and the listener. “People like to gravitate to others who are like them.” To that end, Tunick and others in her field help artists discover the most effective details to emphasize. “You’re finding the central point and widening the radius around it,” she said. “It’s always evolving. It doesn’t always have to be the same endpoint. It’s not a template. Everybody’s journey as an artist is completely different.” But each journey begins with the music. “Once the music is made, that’s the first step in branding yourself,” said Tunick. “It starts as audio and progresses to visual. You have a songwriter’s or singer’s voice, you create your art and … Continue reading

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