$50,000 Blue Diamond Cleopatra Clutch by LANA MARKS in Black Alligator Worn by Kimberly Perry at the Grammy’s Red Carpet 2012

ROCK AND ROLL in a brand new way!!! Lana J. Marks created the Blue Diamond Cleopatra Clutch in honor of Country-Western singing sensation Ms. Kimberly Perry, who graced the Grammy’s Red Carpet looking dazzling. Ms. Perry, Triple Platinum winner of “If I Die Young” and “Hip to My Heart,” wanted something fresh, hip, and new to make a fashion statement.

LANA MARKS, “For somebody as hip as Ms. Kimberly Perry, I knew I had to create something out of this world and came up with a concept of a front contour of 25 Blue Diamonds on a Black American Alligator Cleopatra Clutch,” said the designer. Ms. Lana Marks adds, “I’ve always loved country music, so designing for Kimberly Perry was a great honor for me.”

Setting a new standard for luxury accessories, Lana J. Marks is the CEO and sole designer of the LANA MARKS Brand. Marks has distinguished herself as one of the most talented accessories designers to both Hollywood and Royalty. Angelina Jolie, Charlize Theron, Kate Winslet, Helen Mirren, Julie Christie, Sara Jessica Parker, Diana, Princess of Wales, have been a few of her well-known customers. LANA MARKS handbags are handcrafted by her Italian artisans, and are available in 100 colors of the finest alligator, crocodile, ostrich, and lizard. The LANA MARKS Brand now consist of over 150 designs, and LANA MARKS designs are available at her stores in New York, Beverly Hills, Palm Beach, and at LANA MARKS boutiques in Beijing, Moscow, London, and Dubai.


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