Country Legend Ronnie Milsap Transforms Twitter With Historic Online Chat

Grammy-winning singer Ronnie Milsap has ignited an Internet phenomenon after generating 86.9 impressions and connecting with about 4 million people during Monday’s Twitter chat. It was hosted by Jessica Northey of Country Music Chat (#CMchat) in celebration of the legendary singer’s new CD, Country Again, which is receiving rave reviews.

Northey, ranked as the most powerful woman on Twitter (based on Twitter Grade), says the historic event was inspirational as well as a career highlight. “I couldn’t be more honored for having had the opportunity to sit down with Ronnie Milsap and conduct the live chat. He continues to prove that he not only has incredible staying power, but has mastered the ability to reinvent himself in the rapid paced worlds of entertainment and high technology, defying physical challenges and obstacles.”

Hosted weekly, #CMchat has generated more than 500 million impressions and reached an audience of over 30 million people. It is Twitter’s first and only registered live country music chat.

During the online forum, Milsap discussed his new album, upcoming projects, the importance of family, and his love for music by Lady Gaga. He calls the Internet chat a phenomenal way to connect with fans. “Having the ability to reach out to millions of people during the online chat was truly exhilarating. I am humbled by the level of interest and support that continues to extend well beyond generations and genres,” Milsap says.

For more details on the extraordinary life of Mr. Milsap and the new CD, Country Again, please visit:

Source: Webster & Associates

Ronnie Milsap Photo Provided by Webster & Associates

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