Jesse & Noah Still Sailing High With Landfall

Duo releases new video for “Waiting On An Echo” the latest single from their Landfall album

“Waiting On An Echo” may have some big shoes to fill following “First Call After Last Call,” “Dirty With A Southern Drawl” and “Buried In Blue Jeans” from the same album but apparently that is not an issue because once again Jesse and Noah’s genius is at work in this clever video which uses elaborate and progressive illustrations of airwave signals bouncing off satellites to make their point. Even though what appears to be a lot of space junk floating in the background (while Jesse & Noah perform the song) seems to have very little to do with someone saying “I love You” then waiting for those words to be echoed back, you totally get it. A more predictable approach may have been a traditional mini soap with someone agonizing as they await a response. But Jesse and Noah are anything but predictible and the use of hardware and vintage clips to get the message across is both amazing and entertaining.

Highlighting the video and song are the incredible instrumental sequences, a distinguishing attribute of these powerful entertainers, and the soul of what makes this video work and “Waiting On An Echo” a top feature song from the Landfall album.


Watch The Video:

Neon Universe

Jesse and Noah Photo Provided by Jesse and Noah

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