Miranda Lambert

She’s pretty, she can sing, she can write songs….and well if you’re conscious at all, you’ve been blown away by Miranda Lambert; At the very least impressed with the whole package she presents.

The first time I saw her was on TV singing “Me And Charlie Talking.” My initial impression was that she reminded me of a teenage Dolly Parton. I do think there is a resemblance and I do think history has a way of repeating itself.

Her first album KEROSENE debuted at Number One on the country charts. Nominations for the CMA’s Horizon Award and the ACM’s Top New Female Vocalist Award followed along with a Grammy nomination. KEROSENE also established her as a songwriter.

The question was…could she do it again? Her follow-up album, CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND, has proved to be a gem and answers that question in a big way on every single track.

Having already carved out her own niche in country music at such a young age, it stands to reason much more will follow. When someone brings so much to the table, there’s no way folks will let them get away any time soon, which is why we know Miranda Lambert is no flash in the pan artist.


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