Alan Jackson

Is there a :Coolest Guy” award? If so, please give it to this guy. He looks cool, he sounds cool, there’s a star with his name on it out in Hollywood; Oh… and remember that historical event some years back on the CMA Awards show when he did that cool thing for George Jones? (Waaaay cool!)

Not one who depends on PR to establish who he is, Alan Jackson is clearly the work of his own hands; Work which has caused him to attain a legendary position while still in the prime of his career.

In 1989 he gained recognition with his debut album Here In The Real World which identified him as a bonifide country music artist and established a presence that was destined to become an essential part of country music where he has earned respect from fellow artists and fans. No part of his career reflects this more than the lyrics he penned about the 911 terrorist attack on the Twin Towers in New York City. Where Were You (When the World Stopped Turning) touched everyone who heard it the world over. Everyone identified with some part of those words that poured forth from the heart of a man who found a way to express the pain of an entire nation in a song.

The persona of Alan Jackson is an integral part of the country music landscape. From Here In The Real World all the way up to Small Town Southern Man, which is on his latest Album, Good Time, he remains true to a style he created from his own roots. Some say if you know Alan Jackson music, then you also know the man. Fifteen years into the business, he is already a living legend, not just because of his musical success, but the estimation of high esteem for the entertainer in the eyes of people. Country music would still exist even if we never heard Gone Country, Chattahoochee, Who’s Cheatin’ Who or Chasin’ That Neon Rainbow. But the fact that we have all these, just makes it better.

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