As the country duo Bomshel, Kelley Shepard and Kristy O. are about as subtle as two sticks of dynamite. A potent combination of youthful vitality and hard-won experience, Bomshel unites powerhouse singer Kelley Shepard with fiery fiddler Kristy O. Alone, both are guaranteed to be the most colorful woman in any room they enter. Together, they create a sound that grabs country music by its roots and jerks it into the 21st Century.

Bomshel’s aggressive sound combines Nashville song craft, rock dynamics and funk rhythms, all served up with a steelmagnolia spirit. The music ranges from heart touching to hard rocking to booty shaking with boots on the dance floor songs like “Bomshel Stomp” or the stunning and inspiring “Power of One”. At its core, this is what Bomshel represents: The joy that comes with letting down your guard and being yourself, no matter how wild, silly or serious you may feel at any given moment.

Shepard’s an emotive, take-no-prisoners singer and songwriter with a reputation as a powerhouse live performer. Kristy O is a horse-riding, ski-racing, stage-diving fiddler who can make her bow sing sweet and mournful or shred it with lightning ferocity. She has been known to spontaneously leap from the stage and hitch rides on the shoulders of fans.

Kristy grew up in rural Sandpoint, Idaho, where the Suzuki Method-trained fiddler was performing onstage and racing down the famous Schweitzer Ski Basin before she entered elementary school. “I always knew that I wanted to combine my love for music with something wild and energetic.”

At a young age, Shepard’s parents realized Kelley was a surprisingly gifted vocalist with amazing range. Kelley performed all over her home state of Arizona but her big break came when she came to the attention of the producers at the Ellen DeGeneres show. She has since done collaborations and performances with some of country music’s brightest stars; including Cowboy Troy, Big & Rich and Josh Gracin.

The girls of Bomshel came together at a chance meeting on stage in Detroit – Recalls Kelley ““The first time I met Kristy I was walking into my dressing room and I slammed the door right into her arm but she was so sweet about it. She just shook my hand and said “Hey, I am Kristy” We became instant friends, I had no idea that she and I would become partners, and it would evolve into a deep creative connection”. Adds Kristy “ I remember that night we were both performing at the same show in Detroit, and I knew instantly she was exactly what Bomshel needed.’ Says Kelley “ When I first heard the name Bomshel, I was skeptical, but Kristy explained to me that being a true Bomshel comes from within; it is someone who is confident and strong. We’re fearless when it comes to our music and we are not afraid to push the envelope, even if what we do may shock some people.” Jokes Kristy ‘”We’re just your average, class skippin’ key losin, banana puddin’ eatin’ loud laughin’, average lookin’, music loving girls.”

Kelley and Kristy O are ready to take on a country music scene, packed with talented male duos, and rock it to its core; Bomshel style. With their fun-loving attitudes and remarkable talent, Bomshel’s future is bright Kelley and Kristy will be touring domestically in 2008 and they are looking forward to releasing their self-titled debut on Curb Records, slated for Summer 08. ”The album will include something for everyone, heartfelt ballads, foot stompin rock songs and everything in between” adds Kristy, Step aside guys, this Bomshel is ready to explode.


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