Jesse and Noah

After rocking the boat with “Dirty With A Southern Drawl,”( a video some thought was a little too steamy for country music television), Jesse and Noah step into a completely different light with their latest video, “Buried In Blue Jeans.” While “Dirty With A Southern Drawl” revealed their boldness in expressing their music and a willingness to push it to the limit to make their point, “Buried In Blue Jeans” brings viewers into the Bellamy world and reveals much about the origin of their inedpendent streak. If you consider their famous Dad and Uncle, the Bellamy Brothers, you could conclude they are just a “chip off the block.” While that may be true, it didn’t begin there. The Bellamy tradition falls back to a fiercely independent hard-working man who loved music and laid down a foundation for generations to come. The heartwarming lyrics of the song pays tribute to their Grandfather, Homer Bellamy. The video is a visual tour of their world…family, work, music and independence. Their personal stamp appears with subtle scenes from the Bellamy ranch and the cemetery. But the music of Jesse and Noah, the song itself, is the compelling force behind this video. “Buried In Blue Jeans” is from Landfall, their latest album which also produced the gem, “First Call After Last Call.” This video comes to the forefront just before Father’s Day. What a gift for a man who would be profoundly proud of his legacy.


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