George Strait

If you’re counting, the number of awards is sixty plus and climbing; Hit singles, fifty-five(more than any other artist in history and every indication that number will increase); Album sales; More than sixty-five million to date. But the numbers reveal more than the success of an entertainer. Spanning almost three decades, they tell a story of a consistent presence that has came to be accepted as a steadfast anchor and a powerful force partially responsible for the very stability of country music. If that sounds a bit over the top, try picturing country music with no George Strait songs. While the title “King George” speaks volumes about his accomplishments, (even surpassing Elvis in #1 hits), history has shown that making good music alone does not guarantee staying power. However, he has managed to master both; perhaps by balancing his personal life with his career, something he has accomplished with such finesse that it can only be described as astounding. The deep respect from industry peers and loyal fans is not a by-product of being famous and his track record is too long and too consistent to be slick PR. Still, there seems to be no secret formula involved. Those who know this gentlemanlike industry giant personally, simply say he’s “real.” But staying real in any area of the entertainment industry is a feat in itself and it’s a rare individual indeed who can pull that off.

A steady stream of accomplishments, acknowledgements and honors continues to flow for George Strait. In 2006 the Country Music Association inducted him into the Country Music Hall of Fame, something rare for someone who’s career had remained undiminished since it first emerged in 1981 with “Unwound.”

Almost three decades have gone by since his arrival and no one is really surprised about his latest album TROUBADOUR, the follow up platinum selling and CMA Album of the Year, IT JUST COMES NATURAL. It debuted at #1 April, 2008 on the Billboard 200 and the Top Country Albums chart. Fast forward one year, and you find TROUBADOUR still producing mileage.

He has been described as a real modern day troubadour who continues to be an artist driven by his passion to make music of the highest quality. The twelve tracks on Troubadour reflect his consistency in putting out hard acts to follow…then follows them consistently. On April 9, 2009 he was named Artist of the Decade by the Academy of Country Music.

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