Blake Shelton

“I want to be remembered for singing songs that you couldn’t forget.” That statement from Blake Shelton pretty much sums up his approach to the limelight surrounding him. It may not have been his goal to become one of country’s hottest male performers, but when you combine drop dead gorgeous with great musical talent and good songs, there’s something to behold. He’s one of those who can do everything possible to downplay the looks, but the end result still amounts to eye candy.

If this is something that gets in the way, it doesn’t show. Because his highly visual physical appearance never comes off as preceding the music. If we were back in the fifties where most people never saw performers(unless they were in a magazine), Blake Shelton would still be at the top of the charts. His emphasis on lyrics and natural ability to vocalize them is the stabilizing power behind this artist and the launchpad that propelled him to the top.

Back in 2001, the new kid in town did not come quietly or in a small way. He just suddenly showed up one day with a song called “Austin” and ruled the neighborhood for the next five weeks while the song maintained it’s number one chart position. The self-titled album also produced two more hit singles and was certified gold. His following two albums, “The Dreamer” and “Blake Shelton’s Barn & Grill” were also certified gold.

In less than a decade, Blake Shelton has become synonymous with today’s country music and begun to infuse his own influence into what country music will be based on tomorrow.

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