Jesse and Noah

Influenced by and genetically wired to kick-ass legends, dad, David and uncle, Howard Bellamy, country-rockers Jesse and Noah came with a clear sense of direction. But instead of following the path left in the wake of the elder Bellamys, they discovered their own niche carved out by their unique style accented by superb vocal harmony and musical talent second to none. Each are skilled, professional musicians in their own right with both contributing equally to the powerful sound generated by the coming together of the two. Their combined multi-instrumental abilities are such that if they were the last two musicians on the planet, they could still pull it off.

The strong clear voice of Jesse delivers a captivating punch that immediately draws listeners into the Jesse and Noah experience. Noah’s polished-to-perfection guitar skills provide the addictive sound behind the music and is a driving force in live performances. The general reaction to an impressive solo by Noah is simply…Wow!

Their debut album, “Nowhere Revisited”, contained memorable gems like the impressive Wild and Willin’ and Drivin’ Nowhere. Their current album Landfall has produced some of their most powerful songs yet. It reflects a fearless approach in the way they present their songs. Whether it’s lyrics or edge-testing video, their willingness to take whatever steps are necessary to get their music across becomes more evident with every project.

Outside mainstream, countless musicians strive to get their music heard. But few are those who actually succeed to any degree. Jesse and Noah fall into the latter group and actually embrace an international presence which is no surprise. Following this band on down to where it’s going is a trip well worth taking.

Track Listings For Landfall

1 Tow Truck
2 Tryin’ To Keep It Real
3 Waiting on an Echo
4 Buried in Blue Jeans
5 Crackerjack Heart
6 First Call After Last Call
7 Landfall
8 If I Were You
9 Dirty with a Southern Drawl
10 Sunny Weather with You
11 No Expiration
12 Won’t Give In

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SOURCE: Neon Universe

Jesse and Noah Photo provided by Jesse and Noah

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